Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffee Metabolism Bombs

I have been reading a lot about adding unsalted, organtic butter to coffee to boost your metabolism, so I tried it and it was YUMMY..After drinking my first cup I was so full I didn't need to eat until well after lunch.
Now I am an instant coffee drinker so I came up with this concoction to see if l can make my mornings a bit easier... 
8 tablespoons (one stick) organtic butter, soften
8 tablespoons of instant coffee
8 servings of sweetener (the amout used in one cup of coffee x8)

Mix together until well blended and add to a mold that holds 8 servings.  Freeze
When you want coffee take out 1 serving place in "Bullet"  add 20 ounces of hot water ... (you will have to careful here, my water was so hot that it spilled over a bit) and blend away.
You will get an awesome frothy cup of Joe... No need to cream or milk....

~Happy Low-Carbing~

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