Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bacon & Egg Sandwich & Flat Bread-Tortillas

1 cup soy flour
1/2 cup almond flour
3 tablespoons of soft butter
1 teaspoon salt
extra soy flour
oil for skillet

Mix flour with soft butter until it becomes a crumble mixture. Add water a little at a time till it forms a ball. Divide into 6 small balls.
Dust surface with extra soy flour and roll out each ball till it becomes a circle. Then put ball into Saran wrap and roll/press out to a very thin circle.
In a hot greased skillet (will have to add more oil for each circle) cook each circle until brown stacking each one on top of each other a damp napkin/paper towel on top of each other.
When cooled remove each piece and put into a plastic bag.
*I ate one of these with butter and it tasted like a soft saltine cracker.
* For tortilla chips, take one or more of the cooked rounds cut into 6 triangles and bake at 350 until crisp...

Bacon & Egg Sandwich

Just what it sounds like :O)

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