Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cool Whip

Cool Whip

This is good for about 2 cups of cream.

Soak 1/2 teaspoon of plain gelatin in 1 tablespoon of cold water for 5 minutes.

Place the gelatin and cold water in a heat resistant container and set in a small pan of very hot water just until the gelatin is dissolved. If heating on a stove, do not allow the gelatin to boil.

After gelatin has dissolved, set it aside to cool. Allow it to cool to about body temperature. Note: if the gelatin is too hot it will deflate the whipped cream when it is added and if it is allowed to cool too much it will thicken too much and not incorporate into the cream.

Whip the cream, and add the gelatin after the sweetener and flavoring has been whipped in but before the cream forms soft peaks.

Once the gelatin is incorporated in the whipped cream, beat until cream forms soft peaks, and then stop beating with the electric mixer. Finish whipping with a wire balloon whisk to bring the cream to the desired consistency.

If the whipped cream is to be spread on a cake or dessert, use immediately because it will set quickly and become difficult to spread.

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