Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Induction Low Carb Meals

Buffalo Chicken Pita
chicken strips cooked
low carb pita
buffalo sauce
Parmesan cheese, fresh
Ranch dressing

Pepper Steak
strips of steak with a few turns of peppercorn
salad mix
bacon strips
hard boiled eggs
Ranch dressing

Browned Chicken Salad
Browned chicken strips, shredded
bacon, cooked and cut up
1 package of Splenda

Taco Salad
browned ground beef (I like to put it into my bullet blender so the meat if fine)
taco seasoning
salad mix
sour cream

Taco Chicken Strips

Cooked Chicken Strips
taco seasoning
onions & peppers
green beans
Pre cook onions & peps, brown chicken add taco seasoning. A few minutes before chicken is done add green beans.. toss together

Big Mac
hamburger, cooked
mayonnaise mixed with sf ketchup
pickles diced

Egg Salad

eggs, hard boiled
pickles chopped
bacon, cooked, chopped

Chicken on Salad
chicken strips browned
salad mix
dressing (I use Ranch)
egg, hard boiled


3 eggs, scrambled (I like mine county scramble, which is eggs mixed but not stirred too much)
meat, chopped (I love bacon in mine)

Bacon & Eggs
bacon & eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs
Bring eggs to boil then to a simmer. Simmer for 15 minutes (perfect eggs each time)

Deviled eggs

eggs hard boiled, sliced length wise
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise per egg
mustard.. just a dab

Mix egg yolks with mayo and mustard, sprinkle with paprika
For variation: chop midget pickle and put on top of each egg or chopped Spanish olives

~Happy Low Carbing~

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